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I could stay lost in this moment, forever..

8 February
HER LIFE Image hosted by Photobucket.com AS WE KNOW IT

My name is Felicia. I'm from a small town where all you could do is bowling, go to the movies, and the mall. I am known as a friendly, shy, dorky, (partygirl, according to some people), and optimistic person. I could be random at times and love to laugh. Sometimes I could be really serious about some things or sometimes a bad attitude when I'm in a bad mood. I love to laugh and smile though. I attended a private school through k-8, but now I attend the biggest high school in the state. Sometimes its a hassle trying to get through the halls or even the doors with so many people in the way. It seems now, as I grow up, I look back more on when I was younger and wish I could go back to that time. My most missed memory is my cat, Tiger. We had to put him to sleep, he was almost 20 years old. I miss him soo much. <3 Music is one of the most important things in my life. I can't live a day without it, even 3 hours at the most. I love singing and dancing. I'm the only child, I could be spoiled at times but I try to control myself. Sometimes life isn't easy around here but I have the best family and friends any girl could have. They mean so much to me.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Old Nickelodeon Shows are I Miss the 90s Love

The Phantom of the Opera is Musical Love.


Princess Diana was Love.


Jake Gyllenhaal is Sexy-Fine Love

Friends is Love